Whether a long time user looking for a refresher course or an inexperienced novice, welcome to the MediaMatrix training web site. This class is divided into seven lessons designed to get you up and running and over the initial learning curve that we all experience when using a new system. It covers all the basics and will leave you with the knowledge and confidence needed to approach new challenges and learn more on your own.

Course 1 also qualifies for the award of 2.0 InfoComm CTS RU credits.  Whether seeking credit or not, please contact the instructor when done with all of the quizzes in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Please be sure to follow instructions carefully and use only the provided navigation buttons (not your browser back or forward buttons) in order to avoid any unexpected behavior. It is also usually best to complete any individual lesson within the course in one sitting.

Try the practice course first to be sure that you can navigate all screens properly and can a take a quiz that shows a successful completion.

Good luck and enjoy!

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